Los vs C-Los

Inspired from the T.I. vs T.I.P idea.

Part One – C-Los
Walkin through the day, not a care in the world….
Yea, that’s the life of Carlos, the LosEvolution
Problem is that a lot of things impact this evolution
One in particular, an old friend who wants out, and wants to give the world a piece of his mind……….

The thing is that both personas are based on the different sides. Los being the calm, cool, collected and C-Los being all serious, all offensive, ready to roll. What I’ll do is write a rap or poem in each mindset, and see what happens.

Part 1 – The Realization (C-Los ReAwakens)

Part 2 – WTF Have I Done?

Part 3 – Coming to a Head


Take Out – The typical Los style, one on how to watch for the ladies that don’t want anything from ya

End Game – That point of frustration, gloves come off.


Get ya Face Hit – This here that bullshit, if ya wanna find out how to get laid out, check here.

Turning Away – Screw this, he decided to walk

The Compromise (Do It) – Spoken from both sides, combining the aggression

T.I. – For the Idea and Vision, especially with Part 3 because I borrowed a lot from the Act III skit.