Juu – Who am I?

Who am I?
Just a small town, large mind nigga
Who am I?
Just a man trying to get 7 figures
Who am I?
A videogamer with a real social scene.
Who am I?
A simple man getting complicated green.
Who am I?
The front man of LosEvolution.
Who am I?
Simply put, I’m my life’s solution
When I get back on flow, when I get back on beat
Pull up a chair, gone take a seat
And listen to the rhymes I bring to the table
I tell no lie, no myth, no fable
This the moment of moments, the choice of choices
To listen to the real of real, the voice of voices
What I feel in my heart, finally comes out in my rhyme
I look at this shit and say it’s about damn time
I’m a guy who fought more in 1 day than you in a year
I’m done with this should’ve been shit, let’s be clear
I don’t know what it was from years ago, but I know what ain’t
I exercise what I won’t, will not do, and what I can’t
Gone write me off, I got others who want to write.
I’m done with the bullshit, the fuss, and the fight
I raise my hand and smite my past with all my might
And I include anyone who doesn’t believe I can win the fight
This is a shot to my past, and I’m holding bullets
Chickens from back then ain’t grown, they just pullets
My gameface stay on, this shit is never off
ahem..clear my throat to prevent the cough
I feel my lyrical rage beginning to choke my own voice
So I keep it together in this verse simply by choice
Because this simply an intro, something to give a prelude
To what the album is gonna be like and what is the mood
I say Juu is so hard that I can’t say 10
To release what is in my mind, guess I’m going in
I guess I’m going hard, I guess it’s getting hype
Pull the wool on my past, and watch me fight
And knock all this shit back from my damn sight
Best believe that Death don’t touch me tonight
I’m not scared of what I write and what I say
Best believe that Death don’t touch me today
Yeah I used the same rhyme, just to make a point
Instead of being crazy, just read this joint
This is the 10th time that I wrote a collection
And I’m firing bullets, better have protection

–Inspired by Young Jeezy – The Real is Back