Final Resolution

The life of LosEvolution is hard. Not a complaint, but truth. Once the drama is gone, life is easy. It is not difficult because I of how I want to live.

All I want to do is have 3 concepts: To God be the Glory, treat others with respect and morality, and maintain vision of myself.

A lot of inspiration was by Ereez & T.I. The one verse concept was definitely borrowed from Ereez and it makes it easy to jot down ideas and rhymes since I’m not making a track, but one verse with a hook. Final resolution is my goodbye from the rap style as I will continue to embrace my poetic and storytelling ways.

  1. Intro
  2. So Close III
  3. Push The Limit (One Verse)
  4. Yin or Yang (One Verse)
  5. Interlude
  6. These Letters
  7. Into the Exile
  8. Outro