Los of Legend

I知 the Los of legend, I知 the pure star
Ya flow is sympathetic, now, here痴 how far
Ya flow will get ya, the end of the line
Ya had ya shot, now it痴 my time
To show ya my words got all the freakin heat
So pull up a chair and take a seat
Listen to the flows I put on the tables
I tell no lies, no myths, no fables
Cuz I知 a legend
I知 the real truth, the freakin icon of this freakin school
Called Ole Miss
Yea, I値l take ya girl wit just one kiss
Yea, boy, she値l be missed
Heated is my words, cuz the fire in my heart
If this was a movie, then I stole ya part
Cuz I知 tired of hearin all yo BS flow
My flow has won this, just watch my damn show