Change the Game

To me, rap is over saturated with artists who should NOT be mainstream. Lyricists, poets, and real students of the game are overlooked.

For this album, I spent so much time critiquing my own and trying to find my unique style of delivery, writing, and mastering. It is a lengthy process, but it is something that I want to pursue for the moment, not for a financial thing, but for a personal reason. It is mainly a prelude approach.

Personally, I’m changing who I am. I’m adopting my code of reason and life which, in some aspects, had slipped over the years. The writing will demonstrate that.

LosEvolution: Change the Game (Prelude to the Final Resolution)
Release 6/1/12

  1. Intro
  2. I Just Wanna Rhyme
  3. So Close II
  4. I.O.T.A
  5. Celebrity Status