Loose Ends (The Way We Ride)

My loose ends now untied, I’m back in my grind
Unstoppable is the flow, unbreakable is the rhyme
I tone down the game, just to bring you the same
rhyme that I tamed, and the stories that i blame
For the times I was sad, for the times I was glad
The truth of it is, that the folder was bad
When the shit was reopened, the pain rushed back
Now I’m left alone to retake it back
What was done in 3 years was undone in minutes
Think it’s about that letter, trust me I reach the limit
And I’m done, bouncing around and tightening loose ends
Dragon’s flame in this bitch, I’m burning loose ends

I ride around on your side of town
My black blazing and my window down
I switch sport and shine the ride
I’m blazing paint on all clowns
Who think they better who think they grown
When they step up to a man, they see they wrong
This the dragon flame, about to change the game
Loose Ends rhyming, showing you that the same
Nigga is on the mic, busting lyrics and getting hype
Same nigga that got the game to take ya chick in one night
Callin big game, they used to call me lame
When I turned up the Los, I straight changed the game
Loose Ends, lashing out, Dragon’s flame, burning bridges
Blotting out all haters like blotting ink smidges
Since I’m burning the loose ends, fuck tightening them
Murking all my enemies instead of fighting em

It’s hard to flow on the king’s game
Flowin hard on this chain game
Writng verses and spittin rhymes, trust me ain’t no shit changed
I’m just unfiltered and untamed
Checkin crowns and it’s time to reign
Champ here and that shit’s the truth
Settin blaze to ya mama’s roof
I’m tired of putting out all the flames
Burn yourself up in your own game
My past is what it is, it made me what I became
The dragon’s flame hits you in the face, I rest my case
Know that the rhymes I spit, put ya ass in your place.