Intro (DF)

Sorry to keep it going but I got more to say
More thoughts come to mind as I end the day
Put the 2nd disk in and push play
Go to the 2nd album in the iPod today
Because the beast is out and ready to run loose
Taking no mercy and not calling a truce
This is Dragon’s flame, setting fire to it all
Let’s see how many snakes gonna stand tall
When I start chopping off heads and spitting flames
I’m revising the shit from Change the game
When I wrote Loose Ends I was so pissed off
That I approached life with a sawed off
I don’t know how many times I gotta say
I’m done with this life, I embrace the day
That I disappear from this shit and say good bye
It ain’t suicide, but I do want to die
And move away from all the pain and frustration
I don’t know why it’s here, did I lack dedication?
Did I break promises to myself that I need to keep?
Perhaps it was the wrong time to be sweeping feet
Should’ve kept em planted and worked on myself
And what I thought about life and everyone else
I got a noose in hand and before I hang
I bring the fire from Basic Concepts: The Dragon’s Flame
–inspired by VTZ – That’s Life