I’m Back

Y’all thought this shit was over…nah home, just getting fired up.

Back on that mic, pen back in the hand
Writing the illest rhymes, simply because I can
Y’all thought this shit was over, thought you Los left for dead
But you see that I’m back on the mic, and lashing on all heads
I’m tired of sittin, tired of trying, tired of hittin, I’m tired of lying.
I’m tired of half-ass efforts vs mine, tired of goin 100 all the time.
You knew the game when you got in, knew who I was when you was eyeing.
Stop changing what cannot be changed, gone ahead and stop trying.
I’ll tell you just who I am, no more bs I’m buying.
I’m a man on a simple mission, money is my vision.
Quit subbin ya feelings, gone ahead and do a mention.
Truth gonna hit sooner or later, be realer quit being faker.

Simply put….I’m back.

–inspired by Shad Da God – Ball Out