Forgiveness is like money…we want it, but hate handing it out. It’s not to forget, but it’s to truly say, “I’m over it.” Well, this is me saying, “I’m Over It.”

I’m over the story
I’m over the talk
I’m over the times I could’ve been laid with the chalk
Drawn around the dead body, laid so lifeless
Forgiveness is the real benefit, you tried this?
Or have you said you forgive and once the moment comes
You bring it up again just to have some
Advantage in a moment, reminding what was done
But if forgiveness was truly there, nothing would’ve been done
Own up to the mistakes, apologize once and keep moving
Because multiple apologies will not be soothing
To the heart in its breaks
To the soul in its shakes
Like a rock in the lake
It’ll be still again in its awake

I dream of a moment when I’m done apologizing
I dream of a time where the pain will not be rising
And I wake up again and realize it was only a dream
Forgiveness is like tossing a fish back in a stream
We all need to survive and accept our mistakes
And have the opportunity to finally set it straight
To finally get it right, to finally set it straight
Forgiveness isn’t being weak, it’s merely being great

–inspired by Vybe Beats – GetToKnowYa