Watch how many times I make ya ass hit the floor
And find a fuckin chair and make ya ass take a seat
And watch how a real ace get the crowd off their feet.
It’s a real Greek standard when you’re different from the rest
Not an elitist attitude, but to show them you’re the best
You’re a freaking standard that many should want to achieve
When they have a desire in their heart that you need to feed
Greek life should be looked upon with so much admiration
The life we live should be one of inspiration
Where the standard 3.5 is turned straight into a 4
And when the doors hit their faces, we open the door
And when the roads need cleaning, we the first one out
And when we talk to the kids, we tell the truth, about
How to keep em closed, how to stay in the books
How to respect their parents, and quit repeating rap hooks
We show them so many reasons why they want to be Greek
To get a crowd of people straight on their feet
To become better than the standard, achieve all goals
Entertain all the crowds with steps, dances, and strolls

It’s the 9th Greek here to set ya straight
This shit is a privilege that shouldn’t be taken for granted
Sorry to be so harsh, but a nigga gotta be candid
When the truth is out there and it’s so see through
Black greeks at a PWI, trust me they don’t need you
It’s high time that the D9 shouldn’t be expendable
But to be a group that should be commendable
For community service, GPAs, standards, and respect
From all walks of life, it’s time to collect
It’s time to stand out, it’s time to show why
We pledge these letters and love em till we die
And live to our oaths that we said around candles
And regain this world back since we lost the handle
As LosEvolution, I believe that the world is my mantle
Now we look at a world that we need to dismantle

Add a 9 in and it’s the last, I-Phi
Reppin this ish till the day I die
When I got these letters, they were bigger than me
5 years later, and they’re still bigger than me
I saw it when I pledged that the work gotta be harder
To build a brand that was born 41 years farther
Than the other 8, work harder to be half great
We go twice as harder to get half that the elite 8
Can get so easily by just saying their name
Truth of it is that Greek life needs a change
That’s why as an Ace, I always tried to reign
Always tried to change, unified the Greek game
I respect, love and admire the ground we stand on
To tell the truth, we can’t be weak, gotta be strong

–inspired by Drake – Pound Cake