Basic Concepts


Basic Concepts is the story that brings an answer to the question: What was the end mindset from Chronicles of L.E. 5? This is the 11th jewel of LosEvolution. Album wise, it is the 6th.


The title Basic Concepts is something that I try to adhere to with my life. I try not to complicate things and prefer them in their most basic form. One can say I fell into complexity while writing lengthy lyrics like Loose Ends and Chronicles of L.E.

With this release, a lot of questions are answered. Each lyric will depict a portion of my life from my perspective. There’s more material to pick from, whereas Part 3 of Chronicles, I was scrapping for straws and delaying things for CLE5.

My reasoning for writing verses and lyrics is the fact that I believe in what I write. I speak what I write and I live what I write. The way that the stories are told and portrayed is my way of release . There’s truth in the words, rarely any lie or embellishment. It is what it is. It is just that: a basic concept.

I thought that Chronicles was crazy, but after writing this one…..I felt toned down in every album before this. Perhaps this is why I want to step to the mic and bring back spoken word. I’m not incredible or epic by any means, I’m just a lyricist who wants his words known.

Late release and delays 11/12/13 (Promotional)

Vocal Release 1/8/14

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Still Iā€™m Me
  3. Sorry
  4. Constant Grind
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Ying and Yang
  7. Dragon’s Flame
  8. The Rage
  9. Loose Ends
  10. Change the Game
  11. Ace
  12. Questions
  13. Outro

Track Listing (Extended Version)

  1. Forgiveness Revisited