AL – Done Chasing

Got two phones, many would say I’m on my grown
Look at my cabinet homeboy, cologne game too strong
I collect it all for me, though, not chasing no chick
Only thing I’m in this game to do is get rich
Get it how you live shawty, why should I be chasing
When we all in the same life game and we racing?
If our paths cross then that’s good, well, and fine
Let’s see if you more than a cute face and a fat behind
Cuz there’s so many of those out there only worth a nut
And that’s even a stretch if they even make the cut
I’m a man about mine and I keep escalating
Do you live your life strong or are you just spectating?
I fight for every red cent cuz I know that I deserve it
I hold nothing back in my rhymes, fuck the conserving shit
Because my standard so strong you gotta body build to meet it
Or you’ll be on the wayside with the rest, all defeated

–inspired by T.I. – Who What When