AL – Another Level

So some people say lyrics ain’t where it is
I tell you, lyrics is where my heart is
But my heart still knows that America needs to pray
From now till the moment of the last day
When I walk towards you, lady, don’t tighten your purse
Don’t whisper in your mind a racial slur or curse
Cuz I got my own money, I got my own ends
I walk with my head up and realize the trends
That are still prevalent, they are still strong
If you’re not part of the majority, then you’re part of the wrong
Whether you were brought on a boat, swam to the shore
You’re still looked at as trash or a whore
But how many of them are used to raise kids
Whether it’s full on raising or wiping eyelids
We don’t get the same treatment, so don’t believe it for a second
Majority supremacy is the only thing that is a protectant
How many minority kids you hear shooting up a school
They’re too busy being influenced to be that kind of fool
But we give a majority kid a slap on the wrist
A bible to kiss, and a simple to-do list
Cuz all they gonna fucking say is he had a mental issue
But will look at Zimmerman and say Trevon was the issue
When the world gonna wake up and see after 50 years
Racism is still alive and stronger than it appears
Right now it’s so subtle that even minorities say it’s nonexistent
How many of us are still someone’s janitor or assistant
But it’s hard for minority business, we can’t stay strong
Even when we are better to hand over a $10000 loan
Because we won’t blow the cash, we know how it is
To not have an epic house with weird chandeliers
We just want to provide, we just want to survive
But until the majority realize that they control the ride
Of land of the free and home of the brave
How many unarmed white men were put in a grave
By a minority cop who still has his job.
And hasn’t been hung to dry by a lynch mob
So tell me after Ferguson that racism don’t exist
Cops with camo and issued weapons, who wouldn’t be pissed?
Where all we can do is try to protest or just settle?
It’s like racism is on another level

Evelution Beats – Faithful