AL – Saying Goodbye

I know that I wrote this line many times
That I would bury my pen and pad and never rhyme
I don’t know if it’s writer’s block or I’ve said what I needed to say
This may be the moment that I bow out today
This life has been torture, I haven’t been truthful
I wanted to get myself to the point that it’d be fruitful
But all I see is pain and torture, never peace
So I’m wondering if I should just let it all cease
That I should retire, that I should quit
But there’s a thought in my mind that I should admit
Maybe I should enjoy my life simply for what it is
And just chalk up my flaws for, “It is what it is”
Twice this shit has happened and I don’t know why
All I can do is let out a lamented sigh
And push through my life, learning from my mistakes
While trying my best to be better than great
Being better than average, being better than normal
Sometimes it’s best to be improv than formal
So maybe this isn’t the time to lay and die
But it is the end of the album, so I wave goodbye
And say thanks to all of you who gave this a read
Hopefully these words of rhyme, someone took heed
And said that I was a man of some skill and poise
I now drop the mic without effort and less noise
I finish Another Level and bring it down to Earth
Since this album was me simply defending my turf
To say that as a lyricist that I’m on Another Level
How many rhymes do I got left? Man, I got several.