AL – Interlude

I got this space to breathe
(takes breath)
Took a breath
Since I’m no longer lying or faking what I felt
I’ve been truly tame and tried to fish for inspiration
But now I got it, it’s just my dedication
To write these lyrics, get in a booth and recite
The words that will incite my heart to fight
To beat blood through a body that is so dead
And put blood in the brain to think of the bread
The slice you eat and the roll you put in the pocket
I’m about to go off faster than a bottle rocket
This the interlude to set the mood, hope it isn’t rude
But then again, I always had an attitude
A chip on my shoulder, so I’ll never rest
Till I get to the point where I’m better than the rest
So at this point, I say brace yourself and enjoy the ride
And if you’re in the shooting range, best duck and hide
Cuz I’m firing all chambers, till there ain’t nothing left
And I finally said all the good and bad that I felt

inspired by Drake – Underground Kings