AL – I’m Back

Lot of people said this wasn’t gonna happen again…man…

Gone count a nigga off, gone leave him for dead
Here’s the moment when I say I’m back and want heads
I’m tired of saying this and that and not doing shit
I’m tired of laying down these rhymes without getting a hit
So what I decided to do is take my time on the road
And to end this story with a line so cold
What you don’t know about me is that I’m iller than most
Treat your ass like bread, I’ll burn you till you toast
Thinking that it’s all smooth sailing, I’m sinking the boat
Tweet that shit right there, here’s grass you fucking goat
I done snapped off now, what they thinking is true
What has happened to this point you don’t have a clue
From Loose Ends to Concepts, I was writing to be nice
But now I use my pen and pad for my knife
To slice my way back from darkness and strife
And to bleed all demons from my sight

I’m back….

inspired by Vybe Beatz – TheseDayz