AL – I Want it All

I remember a track that said I want it all
I want it all; brand new socks and drawls
And I’m ballin everytime I stop and talk to y’all
I want it all, all, all
I want it all, all, all
Not me being greedy, but I have a high standard
A high mentality, best in every manner
If I hear six figures, best believe it’s desired
Leadership isn’t a challenge, it’s actually aspired
Popularity isn’t a choice, it’s comes with the trade
I want it all, and I’ll want it straight to the grave
I want everything I desired, but I’m not a spoiled brat
I’ll gladly put the work in, that’s where my mind is at
I grind hard for what I got, what I want I get
If I stop at half-ass, I might as well quit

My life is a setup, step by step I took
I fought, clawed, and scratched, you’d think I was a crook
What I did was brutal, I set myself up for the top
I knew that it was a moment that I couldn’t stop
I walked across the stage with a thought in mind
That if I slowed down, I’d get left behind
So I set myself up and stayed to my plan
It progressed faster than I thought it can
So I just took to the knee and thanked God
And I took the last bow, as the crowd applaud
Deuces to undergrad, just as I planned
When I got to 2011, homeboy said, “Los you the man”
And I clutched every shot that came my way
I quit school cuz of recess, cuz I didn’t play
I don’t bs with what I want in my life
Regardless what comes my way, I won’t quit the fight

inspired by – The Unbeatables – I Want It All