AL – Basic Concept

Tell me what a concept is
It’s an abstract idea, a general notion.
I got a notion that I will push harder and harder in my grind
And to live life strong till the end of time
I made so many mistakes, but one I keep making
While I keep on giving, others keep on taking
I now close my giving hand, I know it’s so hard
For a pleaser to stop playing his giving card
What many don’t know is that through life I wasn’t liked
So when people showed me love, man, I was so psyched
All I wanted to do is truly make my name
To change my life, and reign in the game
I took the concept of, ‘be the best you can be.’
And ran it to the ground so the world can see
That when a standard needed to be set, I decided to do it
I decided to achieve it, pushed hard to pursue it
I ran the game hard and claimed myself the best
When all I needed to do was rise above the rest
After I did what I did and said what I said
I lamented on the moment and wonder what was in my head
A simple concept should’ve came to mind
I should’ve seen all those red picket signs.
I should’ve took the moment and read the time
Because the moment I could’ve had was left behind