AL5 | Descent

Darkness fall, I’m about to get it
Grind is here, I’m about to hit it
I do my best work when the sundown
The stars are out and they on the town
I’m in the zone, but I’m on the descent
Going in and out of this accent
One claim I got as worth is the time and the words that I just up and spent
Trying to convey who I am to you
We used to be tight just like glue
Stories of the game are what I knew
At the end of the day, I didn’t see you
I saw instead what we could be
That moment when it was just you and me
When the moment came, we used the shovels
You thought, he was on a new level
I walked away and I disappeared
The moment happened that you truly feared
I put aside the time and love
And for her, that’s what I got rid of
Deleted pictures and burned letters
Watched the paper float, burning feathers
Changed the perspective and story
How I got those I-Phi-T letters

Stop me now before I say wrong
Block me now instead of just being grown
Passed the word of change, you chunk the deuce
That’s fine by me, watch me cut loose
Got one who just didn’t say shit
Got one who just couldn’t comment
Got one who just picked the shovel
Got one with me on the same level
When the clutch time came, I saw my friends
I saw the true story, it’ll never end
Time heals all wounds, hearts will mend
I’m done with the stories you won’t defend
The shot was out there before 2010
Should’ve agreed when we were getting it in
Instead, saying no and thought I’d stay
Fuck, you thought I was born yesterday
I kept going and what I found
Time of my life, man it was going down
Shot me out a cannon, took my heart away
Feb 2010 was the month I passed away
My heart died a slow death
I thought of me and nobody else
Even the next few months, my thoughts were dark
I did some shit that just tore my soul apart

–inspired by Kevin Gates – Not the Only One