AL3 – No Limits

No limits……..

When I step in the spot, you don’t know who you gonna get
Either a man with some passion, or one who don’t give a shit
When I walk on the scene, it depends on who you know
The professional, calm man, or Mr. Set It from the go.
The two steppin fella or the jiggin man
The controlled emotion, or the beast cuz he can
There are no limits to what or who you would get
So stop complaining about who I am and quit throwing fits
Because each and every aspect compose who I am
And if you don’t like a part, I don’t give a damn
Just like there are no limits to my life, there’s no limits to the flow
The lyrical rage that will set fire from the roof to the floor
After 9 albums and countless verses, people don’t understand
That this shit takes no effort, I don’t even need a brand
You step up to evolution and see the line in the sand
Especially if you think my rhymes are a flash in the pain
I spit the shit so strong that bring you in thought
And that’s why you took a seat, here’s what you were taught
Around that year 2K, someone picked up on a style
A flow behind the words, that blew their mind wild
What decided to change the game, was a poet with a vision
Who tried to flow on beat, slower than a Focus engine
But with a style to change the flow, go faster than a missle
Sharper than a tack, quicker than a ref whistle
I changed the game and whipped it up, spent 2 decades and did it up
Pick whatever beat I want and best believe I lit it up
Not me being greedy, but I have a high standard
A high mentality, best in every manner
If I hear six figures, best believe it’s desired
Leadership isn’t a challenge, it’s actually aspired
Popularity isn’t a choice, it’s comes with the trade
I want it all, and I’ll want it straight to the grave
I want everything I desired, but I’m not a spoiled brat
I’ll gladly put the work in, that’s where my mind is at
I grind hard for what I got, what I want I get
If I stop at half-ass, I might as well quit
My life is a setup, step by step I took
I fought, clawed, and scratched, you’d think I was a crook
What I did was brutal, I set myself up for the top
I knew that it was a moment that I couldn’t stop
I walked across the stage with a thought in mind
That if I slowed down, I’d get left behind
A standard needed to be set, I decided to do it
I decided to achieve it, pushed hard to pursue it
I ran the game hard and claimed myself the best
When all I needed to do was rise above the rest
After I did what I did and said what I said
I lamented on the moment and wonder what was in my head
A simple concept should’ve came to mind
I should’ve seen all those red picket signs.
I should’ve took the moment and read the time
Because the moment I could’ve had was left behind

inspired by Young Jeezy – The Real is Back