AL 3 – Unleashed

Livin in the moment, empire state of mind
Analyst by nature, weights is my grind
I’m going back to my element and I’m gonna keep it
Not stopping my life, not gonna be defeated
I snapped my strings now and I’m setting fire to the rhyme
I’m finally saying the real shit that’s on my mind
I did what I did to find the best
The one that would truly rise above the rest
I wanna find the one that appeals to it all
Pushes me to the clouds, catches me when I fall
Am I sorry about it? Hell yes, and I admit it all
Made my mistakes, forgive me or not, it’s your call


When I wrote the AL2, I thought, What happened to you?
Where that beast at that I decided to show you?
We on another level because we don’t settle sub par
We aim for the moon, and go back for the stars
When we aimed for perfection, we put everything into it
When you said I didn’t need that, that’s when I blew it
You said I was just enough, that made me stop growing
The grass too tall to see snakes, it’s time for mowing
It’s time to make it great, set the road straight, watch the haters hate, I open hell’s gates
And look the devil straight in his eyes
Look at my sins and tell him, “Nice try”

–inspired by Empire Cast – Live in the Moment