AL2 – The Shoot

Unfiltered…’s a real shoot.

When I shoot from the hip, everybody better duck
If you catch a bullet, man that’s just tough
Luck or tough titty, however you wanna say it
However you wanna slice it, however you wanna play it
Shooting from the hip, since I can say that I’m tired
Looks like I need to change the one who inspired
And be the one person that I truly admired
I let go of so much, and right now I question the worth
Question what the actual fuck I let on my turf
I used to run my life with a closed, iron fist
I guess the soft heart made me give a shit
When my standard is out there aspire to achieve it
Or watch as someone else can easily receive it

I shoot the haters around the world, shoot em the freakin deuce
I ain’t no fightin nigga, I ain’t tryin to call truce
What I’m tryin to do is tryin to let this beast loose
Hang ya haters by ya neck with the fuck u noose
Cuz I’m the front end, and y’all niggas the caboose
And y’all know that all I do is spit the truth
You know the ol’ line set fire to the freakin roof
Like a Superman, change strong in a phone booth
There ain’t no kryptonite to me, so what to do
Just stay outta my way and let this beast through
Cuz I’m breakin all the barriers I gotta go through
I shoot all records, claiming ya boy is truth
I shut all haters down, I shut all the lames
Claiming that ya boy done did a freakin change
But I say that the only thing changed is the game

inspired by VTZ – Infernal