AL2 – Paper Trail

Straight out the gate payin homage to the king
King of the south, rep it in the strings
So many loose ends, only one paper trail
I got one story on this trail that I’ll tell
It’s the story of a man who tried to fight death
Lived for himself, wouldn’t fall for nobody else
He became another nigga on this walk called life
Blending in with all the others, couldn’t spot him in sight
The reason for the blend was that he was scared to stand out
Scared to run his mouth and tell people what he’s about
He was afraid they’d call him fake, despite being real
So instead of saying what he want, saying what he feel
He pleased all others, at the expense of his heart
Little did they know that it tore him apart
So many hearts broken, even his own
And now that it’s done, all he can do is stand strong
He keeps a paper trail, one that describes life’s trials
And tribulations, Real shit, no simulations
The shit that got written will piss a few off
But it is what it is, it was on the chest but it’s off
So he took all the truths and told them to all
Some accepted it, other wished his downfall
But one thing about the truth is that once it is said
It’s up to everyone else to rationalize it in their head

Paper trail….

inspired by VTZ – Requiem