AL2 – Loose Ends

You know….I’m not sure if I got any loose ends to tie up..It’s been a long time since I wrote like this…well, here we go.

I said that every time I wrote, every time I spit
I said I would quit, that I didn’t give a shit
Because I thought I lost my passion, thought I lost the desire
To spit flows so fierce, thought I lost my fire
Thought that shit was gone, until you did what you did
Then I thought to myself, “Who I’m trying to kid?”
I’ll forever have lyrics, I’ll forever have rhymes
What else will I do in my pastime?
What will be my true comfort when there is no one else
When all I have is the things I write to myself
And I recite my rhymes, spit em with all my might
The words fill my heart with so much fight
I decide to keep on writing to keep my story going
In life, only in death will I stop growing.

My loose ends now untied, I’m back in my grind
Unstoppable is the flow, unbreakable is the rhyme
I tone down the game, just to bring you the same
rhyme that I tamed, and the stories that i blame
For the times I was sad, for the times I was glad
The truth of it is, that the folder was bad
When the shit was reopened, the pain rushed back
Now I’m left alone to retake it back
What was done in 3 years was undone in minutes
Think it’s about that letter, trust me I reach the limit
And I’m done, bouncing around and tightening loose ends
Dragon’s flame in this bitch, I’m burning loose ends
Burn yourself up in your own game
My past is what it is, it made me what I became

inspired by VTZ – Tabula Rasa