AL2 – Change the Game

Around that year 2K, someone picked up on a style
A flow behind the words, that blew their mind wild
What decided to change the game, was a poet with a vision
Who tried to flow on beat, slower than a Focus engine
But with a style to change the flow, go faster than a missle
Sharper than a tack, quicker than a ref whistle
I changed the game and whipped it up, spent 2 decades and did it up
Pick whatever beat I want and best believe I lit it up
Come home and count down the hours till the night hit
Sitting and praying that my night doesnít go to shit
Since it has been there so many motherfucking times
And now itís to the point where the pain is in my mind
Iím used to it, maybe itís all I need to know
But I hide it in my heart, so it would never show
I donít change direction, I ainít like that wind blow
Them haters can keep coming, mane, motherfuck them hoes

Got an elephant memory, itís flawless, I have no clue what to call this
Time I spent in my life, how many years have I fought this
I stepped up to the dark shadow, how many years I been swinging
Battling despite all the losses, now the lames keep on singing
They proclaiming the time I fall, time where I wonít stand tall
Time I donít change the game, wonít rise above them all
Hereís the truth of the story, that shit is a memory
It showed a life story, it showed what it could be
I could be a hood nigga, with a finger smooth on the trigger
I could be a real man, and whisk my enemies away with a finger
Nigga this no time to slip, canít let the bullshit get to my heart
Make a mistake thatís dumb as fuck, homie Iím way too smart
My intelligence spans through all walks, education and the hood
Know what it means to pull the trigger, and know when to do good
Thatís why when itís go time, I know how to keep it going
Haters cower around all corners, those yellow streaks be showing

Ėinspired by T.I. Ė Check This, Dig That