AL2 – Beast Awoken

Now I’m awake and I’m thinking about the fact you failed
Why I now see that all you did was cause me hell
With all the bitching/moaning, with all the complaining
While you kept falling short, I simply kept maintaining
I simply kept on pushing and kept on striving
While you complaining about life and kept on hiding
Every shot you had to face the facts, you tuck tail and ran
Instead of stepping up to the life’s problems and fighting like a man
When people weren’t good for you, you kept them in your circle
When it wasn’t to your standard, it stayed in your hurdle
So now I’m awake and I’m about to get to cleaning
And if you think you on the safe side, man keep dreaming
Misery loves company and I’m bad company to keep
When all I strive to do is remain on my feet
I thank God for my struggle, I thank Him for the pain
I thank Him for the courage to dance in the rain

–inspired by T.I. – I Still Luv You