AL2 – Another Level

So some people say lyrics ain’t where it is
I tell you, lyrics is where my heart is
It’s a brand new level when I slow down my flow
About time I introduce all to the little Los show
It started in ’86 right when my eyes opened
Actually, in ’91 when I started choking
I wasn’t choking food, I was choking on my words
When I listened cross the way and what I heard?
A smart, soft voice, matched with a pretty face
I figured to myself, the road gotta be straight
Kept my mind going, I kept living and learning
My straight road just kept on turning
Until it had so many curves, I couldn’t make it straight
Next thing you know, it was all too late
I turned my card in and a new game had begun
One that caused more pain than a bullet from a gun
So instead of causing more pain, I take myself away
It hurts at the beginning, but trust, it’s the right way
I was on another level, but I brought myself down
Now I need to rebuild, tear this old building down.

Evelution Beats – Faithful